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{ Ruthless Passion } a Heero x Wufei Community

[ 1 x 5 = ♥ ]

. ..Ruthless Passion.. .
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Welcome to Ruthless Passion, this community is dedicated to the pairing of Heero Yuy [01]and Chang Wufei [05] from Gundam Wing. Ruthless Passion was created by 1x5 fans for 1x5 fans to share (1x5 ♥) thoughts, fanart, fanfiction and anything else regarding this pairing which we find so rarely, yet we feel is so worth seeing.

In this community we LOVE Wufei, because of the distinct lack of Wufei, we'll accept posts of any Wufei-centric fic even if it has a different *yaoi* pairing than 1x5. :) Of course the main focus will be on 1x5, but we feel the need to even out the odds a little for Wufei, so if you do have some other Wufei-centric fics, feel free to post and archive them here.
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1. Discussion should focus on 1x5x1 even if other ?x5 material is allowed on the comm.

2. Please respect each other, that means keeping things nice and friendly.

3. LJ-cuts would be greatly appreciated, just so we can keep the comm looking orderly.

4. Tags are very useful for categorizing fics, so it'll be very helpful if you can tag your entries, but not required.

** The layout image was created by crystal, and brushes used are by Obscuro. While I was making the background I had Maldoror's The Arrangement stuck in my head, so you can sort of call it A Day in the Life of a Preventor....